Quickly install and start selling

Nutmat offers different solutions for different needs. The common feature is the effortless self-serving technology that allows an impeccably easy and pleasant experience, which is the key to a complete and satisfying snack on the go. Individual portions of nuts are preheated before expulsion and, therefore, always served warm, fresh and delicious.

Fishingbooker runs on nuts
Ubisoft runs on nuts
ICT hub runs on nuts
Extreme gym runs on nuts

Reliable nuts vending machine that does all the work for you

Easy to use and clean

Nutmat vending machine is very simple to use. With just one click of a button, it takes less than 20 seconds for a customer to receive their warm treat of mixed nuts.

The dispenser part is completely detachable with a few security screws, which makes the cleaning process quick and easy.

Conveniently sized and lightweight

Due to its small dimensions and high-quality materials, Nutmat can fit on any counter and is easily carried around or moved by only one person.

Cashless payments

Integrated with Nayax card reader. Customers can purchase with debit or credit cards, as well as with mobile and NFC payments.

Nuts vending machine

Irresistible snack at the press of a button

Our nuts vending machine offers a convenient snack with fast self-service to ensure your customers can get a healthy refreshment at their fingertips, especially during busy days and on the go.

Keep your customers happy with a rich selection of healthy nuts that will boost their mood and well-being,

Nuts snack

How it works?

Nutmat vending machine is simple to use as 1-2-3.


Choose which pre-selected mix of nuts you want to buy. Each portion contains 50 grams of warm nuts.


Present the card to pay. Wait for the sound that indicates successful payment.


Indulge in a warm and delicious portion of nuts.

No overhead cost

Operating nut vending machines has no overhead costs. They eliminate the need for third-party sellers or costs involved in monthly wages and rent for work/office space.

High-quality materials

Nutmat vending machines are made of high-quality materials; from stainless steel to high-resistance composite plastic materials, which are immune to heating.
The latest technology, precision and continuous improvements guarantee the high-quality levels of our machine.

Warming improves the flavour

Cold nuts are already very delicious and satisfying to eat, but when the heat is applied, the flavours get enchanted that are otherwise dormant. The result is an even tastier snack that now smells and tastes even better.

Healthy snack for a healthier lifestyle

To promote healthy options that their customers enjoy the most, businesses can easily customize the selection of nuts they want to offer with NUTMAT©. This will motivate their customers further to make better nutritional choices in everyday life.